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Most women go to the gym to lose weight, slim up, lose the excess tummy, or just for fitness purposes to obtain an appealing figure. However, some women go for weight lifting and female bodybuilding workouts as an approach to building muscle. If you are such a woman, it is important to understand that bodybuilding is a slower process for a female that it is for men. This is mainly because are known to have higher testosterone levels, a hormone crucial to muscle building and growth. This should however not discourage you, since, with the proper training and observation of diet, it is possible and easy to attain that muscular figure you desire. Below are some areas that you should play keen on, to start noticing results within a short duration of time in the gym.

1) Strength workouts
Strength training exercises are important especially for a beginner in that they prepare your muscles and strengthen them to enable you to move to heavier weights. It is Important to understand that female bodybuilding workouts are not the same as those done for the purpose of losing weight or slimming up. The desired outcome is different and so is the training. Dumbbell presses, biceps curls, triceps skull crusher, will strengthen the muscles of your arms. Lat pulls down, hip thrusts, bench press and squats will give strength to your leg, back and arm muscles to prepare them for heavier weights. You should however not dwell for a very long time on these workouts and should work with an instructor to advise you and train you accordingly. They ensure that you lift weights in the correct way, on the right posture and that the effect goes to the right target muscles.

2) Warm up exercises
These should be done every time you enter the gym before starting on your schedule. They prepare the muscles and warms up the body. They are important in preventing muscular injury, which is more likely to occur when you start training when the body is cold. Press ups, jumping, dumbbell rows and such exercises are the best when done for about five to ten minutes.

3) Weight selection
Weights should be selected carefully, ensuring that you only lift what you can. Lift a couple of pounds more than you did the previous week and observed consistency. Do as many reps as possible but ensure that you do at least three sets of a particular workout.

4) The importance of rest
Recovery sessions are important in that they facilitate muscle healing and repair. This is actually when intended growth of muscles occur in the body. Within workout sessions, it is important to take some minutes of rest, say 1-3 minutes before proceeding to the next set. This is what differentiates female bodybuilding workouts from fat burning exercises.


Posted by on 5:58 am in Healthy Lifestyle | Comments Off on TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL CHOICE AND USE OF GAIN WEIGHT PILLS

One of the most effective ways of achieving good and faster results in bodybuilding is the use of diet supplements. However, not all gain weight pills and powders out there are worth your time or your money. In fact, some of them have been known to cause negative and harmful side effects to users before eventually being withdrawn from the market. Moreover, not all products out there are legitimate, and you don’t want to get caught between such. See below for some tips on choosing and using the right pills, the right way, for the good purpose to get your desired outcome.

1. Conduct a thorough research

Research is quite important whenever you are looking for the best product from the market in this competitive world of the current times. Get information on weight gain pills from the internet, on their websites, from social media forums and the like. Get information about their reputation, customer feedback, client reviews and such information. You can compile a list of several that appear more reputable, from which you will later select and settle for one after further considerations. It is of high importance that you ensure that these products are FDA approved for the purpose of bodybuilding.

2. Consult your instructor and doctor

After acquiring a list of prospective supplements to work with, it is advisable to involve your instructor if you have one, and also your doctor for prompt advice. The doctor will advise you based on your health status, whether it is safe for you to go for pills, and also whether it is in the first place safe to consider gaining weight. Gym instructors and trainers are more knowledgeable of the supplement products that have been on the market. If they are experienced enough, they will advise you accordingly on the best products to go for, before you go ahead and purchase a product that will fail you.

3. Consider guarantees and cost

As a matter of fact, most bodybuilding supplements range from fairly expensive to very expensive. If you are so determined to achieve that weight that you have for long desired, the price should not be a big deal because you know the value you are looking for is huge. However, it is important to go for a product that has some guarantees such that you can always return it and lodge claims in case it turns out not to work.

4. Follow instructions to the letter

You should understand that apart from being diet supplements, they also work on similar mechanisms to other regular drugs and hence the recommendations that come with the package should be adhered to at all times. Doses of weight gain pills should not be skipped or overdosed. Doing this will not hasten your weight gain process but is rather likely lead to unpleasant consequences and side effects.

Tired of being underweight? Here Are Tips Which Can Help You Gain Weight

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There have been some advertisements in the media giving a solution to gain weight. Some of the ways being advertised such as a use of pills and other product might not be the best to solve the issue of underweight. It is important to note that, the method or procedure used should not complicate your health system. There are some natural methods which include diets and workout which can do magic to your problem. Eating the right food puts you in shape to gain weight; eating junk foods may cause health problems such as obesity and overweight. Calories are used to store energy for the body and are necessary for the process of gaining weight.

Disadvantages of being underweight

This condition has some effects which will be evident to everyone. It is, therefore, good to take charge of your body and alleviate these challenges. Some of the effects include slow growth, weak bones, anemia, hair loss and low immunity. These are as a result of not taking enough nutrients which help the body in growth. The body development requires these nutrients for proper body functioning. Deficiency of some essential minerals like iron which is involved in the production of hemoglobin causes anemia. The most important thing is not just to eat food, but to ingest the right kind. The defects can be controlled if a person decides to change their way of eating and living.


There are various reasons; some people are naturally skinny because of the issue of genetics. There are instances whereby all the family members are obviously thin, and one common characteristic of these persons is that they have small appetite. Other circumstances include sickness, medication, stress and physical activity like athletics. Some of these issues can be managed and the required weight achieved. Reduce activities which can cause depression in your life and live stress-free life.

How to gain weight

Eating is the key factor to weight gain; foods provide the body with energy. During the process of weight gain, the provisions taken should solve all the defects associated with underweight. The key thing is not just gain weight but also a healthy body. Increase a number of calories in your meal every day, and make sure you include nuts. Cheese and sunflower are good examples of food not to ignore. In case you have a challenge with your diet, try eating smaller amounts of food after every three hours. Foods containing high levels of protein are a good selection. Protein helps in the production of enough energy. Make sure that you consult a doctor before commencing this program. The doctors can give you important instructions which might prove to be important during this process. There could be some other health complications which may need to be treated.

Principal meal and their importance in bodybuilding

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There are some meals which will guarantee you better results if they are taken and accompanied with a proper workout. As you are preparing yourself for this process to transform your body, these foods will help you not only maintain shape but also improve your overall health. It is good to take the right food which matches the exercise. A lot of energy is required, and therefore,  much food should be available. The food substances are broken down during the process of digestion. Don’t be confused by what kind of food to eat either for lunch, breakfast or dinner. You have the solution in your hands now.


Every meal should contain some proteins; they help sustain your body during the workouts because they take quite a lot of time to be broken down. These include white eggs and whole eggs. Other types of food substances to be included in the diet are bananas and wheat cereals. The whole wheat contains carbohydrates which produce energy during the initial stages of workouts. Also, banana contains nutrients like potassium and fructose. The supply of sugar in the muscle is also important.


Again, the meal should contain proteins and some carbohydrates. You can choose to take ground beef, pasta and broccoli. Ground beef provides the supply of amino acids, iron and vitamin B. They help in the production of energy and control the supply and accumulation of fat. Lean meat provides extra calories which assist in better growth. The lunch should be high in fiber to control hunger and calories.


Include some other food substances in the diet. You can opt for yams, chicken breast corn and carrots. This meal ensures supply of nutrients for the production of insulin and also helps hormonal developments which are ideal for the growth of muscles. Yams take a long time to be digested, and they help the person to stand out during this exercise. The other foods ensure the supply of fat in the body which is a necessary component in a supply of energy.

Post training diet

This is important because it helps the bodybuilder to recover and gain the desired shape. Raisin, Rice and whey-protein are ideal options. These foods provide insulin which helps in repairing the worn out muscles.

Eating well and maintaining the levels of workouts assist in achieving the best results. Don’t just eat any food. Food rich in energy-giving substances will be helpful. The meals should be increased to five or six times a day instead of the average three times. Everything is achievable, bearing in mind that you have a goal to work for. It is time to eat the right foods to help you have a rich experience. You can schedule your meals to have something to eat at least after every three hours during the day.

The Common Dangers and Benefits of Weightlifting

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Weightlifting has more benefits not only to the biceps and the six pack abs which most of the people run for. There are some more benefits to one’s health and appearance. We have a variety of styles which are useful. Although weightlifting can be beneficial, it poses some dangers to a person. The dangers are not very severe compared to the benefits it has.

As the body size increases so is the need for more energy. Bodybuilding forms a platform for burning excess calories because it entails extensive exercises. The efficiency of utilizing the food nutrients is also increased.

Disease prevention
This process strengthens the muscles. It is a good option for disease prevention and injuries too. The ligaments and tendons become active, and, therefore, they prevent the body from injuries. Physical capacity: The muscles become adamant indeed due to weightlifting. You can do a hard job with simplicity.

When you start weightlifting, there is the probability that it will be a continuous process. You have to do exercise every time to keep the muscles tight. If you forfeit the process, the muscles turn to fat. Some age brackets are not recommended for weightlifting; this can affect the growth of bone. At the age of 17 years, it is not advisable to start weightlifting. This process has to be controlled, the people who have been doing it for long tend to overdo, and this can cause injuries to the muscles or other body tissues.

This does not give instant results; you have to wait and work hard. This is a sport where patience pays. In most countries, the game is not exercised and even to countries where it is offered, there is still some problem. Sometimes it becomes very boring, but you can’t leave it.

Weightlifting standards
We have several levels- untrained, novice, intermediate, advanced and Elite. This is a sport that earns income to some people. Take it seriously because it might be your chance to gain. With time, a beginner can advance to elite.

This has numerous benefits, and if it is done well, the benefits can be more than the risks. Some of the risks can be managed through controlled workouts. A coach or a trainer can assist you to achieve this. Weightlifting increases tendon, ligaments and contractile muscle strengths. Your coach will give you the guidelines which are useful to achieving this important goal. It is not easy; but be optimistic, patient and the results will be evident. The whole process increases the body fitness, health levels and transforms it into a better shape.

The secrets in bodybuilding supplements are revealed

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Bodybuilding supplements are used nowadays to assist one gain muscles, and thus improve their body performance. Several enhancements can be utilized to achieve this goal, and they are readily accessible in stores. They include protein, fatty acids, vitamin supplement creatine and others. They are mainly used to improve the functioning of the body and the muscles’ ability to perform better.

Sometimes they are available in stacks. However, the biggest question that most people ask is which ones are the best that can perform well. Which are the recommended ones? In this article, you will find out five top ones that are the finest to use. Read on. Any person who requires tested ones will go for the following.

Whey protein

This one comes as a powder and is usually mixed with any drink or water that an individual will choose, and it will be effective. It is also available as an energy bar that is eatable. This whey protein is quickly absorbed in the body; thus, it should be taken before you start your workouts or right after completing.

This is one of the most-used supplements by the majority of bodybuilders nowadays. It is typically created inside the body. It provides amino acids which in turn gives the muscles energy as you carry out your exercises. Naturally, it can be obtained from fish and pork and is available in either or liquid form.


This is a non-essential acid which is usually found in the human body in vast quantities. In other words, it is known as brain food. It is classified as the finest supplements. However, it also exists in the body. Its primary function is to lessen lactic acid that is formed after doing an intense workout. It can also assist to reduce crave for food hence plays a significant role in bodybuilding.


One vital thing to remember when utilizing this is sensitive to the ingredients which are found in multivitamins. They are capable of causing serious side effects. Thus, it is usually advisable for you to know whether any ingredient mixed in the supplement can have an adverse impact on you before taking the same. Therefore, it is essential for you to consult a qualified physician before you start to use these enhancements.

Fatty acids

They are not readily available in the body; hence, they have to be consumed. They are widely recommended to ensure you have a healthy diet. The purpose of them being taken is to help to build muscles as well as strengthen the same. There are also replacement supplements for meals, which are used for growth.

The above are the essential supplements utilized in bodybuilding. They are obtainable in either eatable bars or powder form. They have high levels of proteins, minerals, and vitamins with little fat.

Muscle building supplements to boost results

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Once you join an excellent fitness club, you will be able to do basic fitness activities such as squats, press on body weights, and others in your daily schedule. However, you may have come to the realization that this is not enough for you to achieve your goals of increasing your mass… Therefore, you require enhancing your energy to build your muscles and acquire the body shape you desire.

For you to accomplish this, you can quickly boost this, you can use some of the finest muscle building enhancements, which are available in the market. Many stores are saturated with pills, powder, shakes, etc., and it hence becomes quite a challenge for you to pick the best. Below are few tips you can try to enable you to choose a good supplement.
Supplements are not magic pills.

Most people have a notion that the nutrition enhancements are supposed to work once you start using them. You can try them if you desire to build your muscles, but they cannot transform you into what you want. As the name suggests, they have added sources which assist you to meet your everyday diet requirement. For instance, if each day you must consume about twenty-five grams protein, and you are not able to attain this through your eating habits, there are protein supplements that can help you achieve your objective. On the other hand, these pills cannot work if you regularly miss meals, or not taking your meals at the right time. It recommended that if you are to receive the enhancements, make sure you are consuming a balanced diet to attain the required nutritional needs.

Hard work

This is critical if you want to achieve your goals fast. Once you join a fitness club, you may find other persons that have built their muscles and sometimes feel demoralized, and make you desire to achieve this quicker. The truth is you will need to work extra hard. In other words, you have to be consistent with a period.
Therefore, as you go through this process, it is important for you to take in the required amounts of nutrients, and supplements that are good and you will be on your way to attaining your muscle-building objective. However, the biggest question is what type of enhancements you need. Is it a must to purchase every type of supplements or only what you require? For you to get proper answers to this, you have to seek the advice of a qualified dietitian to be sure.


One vital thing to remember is to consume the right amount of supplements for best results. From the consultations you will make, you will be advised on what you have to take before and after your exercises. With all the right information, you will be well placed to buy the good muscle building supplements.

Increasing Your Weight With Mass Gainers

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Mass gainers are known worldwide to support weight growth while at the same time to grow muscles and nourish the body. They are safe for any person to consume because they contain all the required nutrients such as multi-vitamins, carbohydrates, and calcium, which play a significant role in the body. The proper use of weight gainers will make sure you are not underweight, and the body’s resistance levels are boosted.

They have amino acids like proteins, L-Glutamine, carbohydrates and other elements that help in the protection for you to remain healthy and fit. The constituents, in particular, will ensure that you are energetic all the time so as you don’t miss your exercise sessions because of sickness. Ill health may cause you to lose a lot of mass, which may have accumulated for long; therefore, it is essential for you to use mass gainers that are known to have immunity-boosting ingredients.

Mass gainer performance

After a long day of a vigorous workout schedule, it is normal for one to feel tired or exhausted. Nevertheless, when you take the real gainers, they will be extremely useful since the nutrients they have excellent and provide quick recovery from the lengthy exercise’s routine. They are also perfect in avoiding catabolism and metabolic actions in your body. Mostly, people who put up with a hectic and very tiring lifestyle, don’t have appetite and gusto. These can help boost the same.

Advantages of mass gainers

1. They provide you with the required daily dose of carbohydrates while topping up the glycogen intensities in your body that make it possible for you to train more with excellent energy levels since the carbohydrates found in the supplement are made in such a way that they burn at a constant speed.

2. The proteins are vital since they help in fixing the worn-out tissues of the body while at the same time giving you a lot of energy to carry on with the vigorous exercise routine.

3. The fiber component found in mass gainers assists in getting rid of the toxins from the body and aids in digestion and quicker absorption.

4. They have minerals and vitamins that help you to maintain good health thus boosting resistance.

5. These enhancements ensure that you will gain mass and build a well-toned body. As you take them regularly, they will assist to attain that perfect creatine amounts in your body system.

Mass gainers are good supplements for every bodybuilder or athlete since they have the necessary calories and proteins which will help the body to be in good shape. They are made to balance the amino acids, vitamins, proteins and creatine, and will hence assist to achieve your objectives. You are advised not to consume alcohol and beer when taking these supplements since they can reverse the effects and grow your belly fat. You can easily obtain them from tablets, liquids, gels, milkshakes or capsules.

Valuable tips on weight training you need to know

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There are a lot of weight-training ideas, which are available on the internet. Some require you to lift weights for some few weeks to get the results you desire. The bad news is that most of them are not workable. If some of these were good as advertised, everyone would be buffed up and toned up as many are those who buy them.

For you to start your workouts with the aim of increasing your mass, it is important for you to be disciplined and start off with the basics. Therefore, below are some simple tips to help you to initiate a better routine.

•    Set goals.
Be realistic in what you intend to achieve. If you don’t plan out your schedule correctly, then you are bound to fail. Without having clear objectives, you will not be in a position to assess the progress you will be making. You need to come up with short term and long term goals. Strategize how you desire to be in one, three, six months and even one year. Be flexible to alter your goals as you progress; being unrealistic in your goals will set you up for total disappointment.

•    Be committed
One thing you have to bear in mind is that you are not exercising to impress others; this is for you. What you have set to do is not to benefit friends; therefore, you have to make a strong commitment to carry out the required activities properly and ensure that you adhere to set goals. Learn as much as you can. Talk to persons who have been there and made it. Try to work out, at least, five times weekly and do things as you are told by your instructor.

•    Learn, learn and learn
Make sure you continue seeking more information. Keep in mind that knowledge is power; thus, the more you understand, the better for you. If having any doubts, ensure you find the right solution through asking and gathering more information. Don’t do guesswork; you will be risking your health. Be sure to assess all the risks before engaging in something. It is important for you to know what you are getting yourself into to begin with. Do not waste your time with useless things that will not help you in achieving your goals.

•    The techniques
When doing your workouts, ensure you learn from others who are conversant. It would be of great benefit if you spent some few extra dollars to have a professional to guide you through. You can lift all the weights, put pressure on your muscles and tear them, hurt yourself all because you are doing it in the wrong way. However, with an expert by your side, you will be sure to achieve your objectives as well. Ensure that you follow your trainer’s instructions, and you will see results.

•    Work hard.
Once you begin to perform things the right way, have committed yourself, and executing your plans perfectly, make sure you work diligently to achieve every objective you have set to attain. By doing this, you will be satisfied, and progress will be visible.

How to lose weight and live healthier

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Two people running on promenade

Losing weight is the goal of very large number of people, women, man, teenagers, healthy or not. Of course you can’t achieve this goal if you don’t change your unhealthy habits so there is that. Change your nutrition, add more fruit and vegetables, drink more water and toss out sweetened drinks and fast food, and do it gradually, step by step, because if you don’t you will most likely fail in your attempt.

Exercise more, choose the type of physical activity you like the most, whether it was martial arts, football, basketball or simply walking up and down your neighborhood or riding a bicycle every time you have to go there and stick to it. When you choose your activity make sure you get enough of sleep, so your organism can endure everything you planed.

For you to succeed in these three stages you will need to be persistent and here are a few trick that can help you with that, some of them might be silly but they work.


1.Meet a friend online with the same goal as you. Researches of different universities in USA showed that you are more likely to lose weight when you have an online friend who will do the same and it is more efficient than having a weight losing friend that you met face to face. Surely this is a great way to use social networks, meet friends, lose weight and live healthy.

2. Don’t keep focusing on the things you can’t do instead keep telling yourself that you can do it. For example if you think you can’t resist a nice yummy McDonald’s hamburger say ‘I can resist this hamburger, it is not so tasty’ in your head multiple times and even if it sounds silly it will work.


3. Surround yourself with blue color, blue plates, blue napkins, blue table. Blue is an appetite suppressing color, avoid red, yellow that can encourage you eating.

4. Walk before dinner. Walking is a good thing for burning calories but if you walk before dinner for at least 15 minutes you will feel less hungry, therefore you will eat less and it can help you lose weight.

5. Cereals for breakfast. Cereals contain much more calcium and fiber than your usual breakfast and most likely much less fat. Eating cereals five times a week for breakfast can lower the risk of diabetes and gaining weight.


6. Brush your teeth after dinner. When you brush and floss your teeth after a meal it is less likely that you will get something to eat after that. Make sure your stomach isn’t full when you go to bed. Brushing your teeth after every meal in general is great, no matter which breakfast, lunch or dinner.

7. Throw your ‘fat’ clothes, as soon as you lose weight throw out all of your clothes that don’t fit you anymore. Not having any clothes to wear will be a great motivation not to gain weight again. Stick to these tips and trick and you will ever need them back.

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